Clean Out the Cupboard Challenge

I’m starting a new challenge this week: eat all of the food in my cupboard before buying any new food (other than staples like bread, rice milk, fruits and veggies). I have too many cans and packages of food that I buy with good intentions but end up never using. Then the food sits there accusingly, making me feel guilty every time I get my cereal out in the morning. I also know that I waste an unacceptable amount of fruits and vegetables that I don’t finish. So I’ve decided that for the next 30 days, I will only plan meals that use at least one item from my pantry or fridge, I will not buy any new prepared and prepackaged foods, and I will go  out of my way to finish everything I buy so that nothing will go to waste.

My goals for the Clean Out the Cupboard Challenge:

  • Find new recipes that use ingredients that I tend to hoard (quinoa, lentils, beans)
  • Drastically decrease the amount of food that I waste by ignoring it until it goes bad
  • Lower my grocery budget with better meal planning
  • Make more space for real food rather than prepackaed and already prepared foods
  • Donate anything non-perishable and unopened that does not get eaten at the end of 30 days



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